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Contact your Doctors online

You can contact us about a medical, administrative or prescription issue by clicking HERE.

Fill out a simple online form to get advice and treatment by the end of the next working day. Messages will not be read Monday to Friday between the hours of 6pm to 9am. Please contact 111 during out of hours or 999 if this is an emergency.

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How can we help you?

  • Telephone 01287 650430
  • Via the main Reception desk at the practice
  • The practice has a Duty Doctor each day who will complete an assessment of need for any urgent health matters, please contact the practice and speak to the reception team by telephone on 01287 650430.
  • Home Visits.
    If you require a home visit you will need to contact the practice before 11.30am, please note this service is for housebound patients only.
  • Consult with your Doctor online
  • Book an appointment online with our Nursing team for:
    Smears, B12 and Depo Injections, INR and Warfarin checks, Pill Check and Children's Immunisation appointments. (A link will need to be added in here to access System online)

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How can I cancel or change my appointment?

To cancel an appointment

  1. By replying to the text message reminder sent to your mobile phone
  2. Via Systmone online
  3. Via NHS App
  4. By contacting the practice on 01287 650430
  5. Via the main Reception desk at the practice

To change my appointment

  1. By contacting the practice on 01287 650430
  2. Via the main Reception desk at the practice

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Urgent Problems

If you have an urgent medical problem you can:

Telephone the Surgery

Telephone 01287 650430 during our surgery opening times.
You will be helped as quickly as possible, either by advice over the telephone from a Doctor, an emergency appointment at the surgery, or by a visit.

Contact NHS 111

Telephone NHS 111 or visit NHS 111 online.
Available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The online service is for people aged 5 years and over only.

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NHS 111

NHS 111 can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do.

Get help online or on the telephone:

To get help from NHS 111, you can:

  • go to NHS 111 Online (for people aged 5 years and over only)
  • call 111
  • NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In life threatening emergencies such as chest pain and severe shortness of breath you should call 999

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Life Threatening Emergencies

In a life threatening emergency such as sudden severe chest pain, severe breathlessness, loss of power in a limb, loss of consciousness or severe bleeding dial 999.