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Friends and Family Test

Have your say to improve your care

We would like your feedback on the care or treatment we give you any time you visit your GP or have contact with the practice. It doesn't take long.

Put us to the test and tell us what is working and what we can improve. You can say what you think without giving your name and we will use the information to plan improvements to our services.

Complete a Friends and Family Test

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Test Results By Month

January 2024 Test Results

  • Very Good: 81%
  • Good: 14%
  • Neither Good or Poor: 2%
  • Poor: 2%
  • Very Poor: 1%

December 2023 Test Results

  • Very Good: 76%
  • Good: 17%
  • Neither Good or Poor: 3%
  • Poor: 2%
  • Very Poor: 2%